Professor Crispin Barnes

Head of the Quantum Information group.

Biography: Imperial College: B.Sc (1987), Ph.D with J. B. Pendry (1990), Research Assistant with J. B. Pendry (1990-91). Royal Society Postdoctoral Fellow at Simon Fraser University Canada with G. Kirczenow (1991-92).  Research Scientist at RIKEN with K. Ishibashi (1992-94).  University of Cambridge: Research Associate with M. Pepper (1994-98), EPSRC Advanced Fellow (1998-2003), Lecturer (2003-06), Senior Lecturer (2006-2011), Reader (2011-2014), Professor (2014-present).

Research Interests: Quantum Information, Condensed matter physics, solid state quantum computation and many-particle quantum dynamics, spintronics, thin-film magnetism.

Email: Office Phone: 01223 337487

Dr. Hugo V. Lepage

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Fellow of Physics @ Girton College

Biography: McGill University: B.Sc (2013), University of Toronto: M.A.Sc (2015), Cambridge University: Ph.D with C. H. W. Barnes (2020)

Research Interests: Quantum Information, Simulations of Real Quantum Systems, GPU-accelerated Simulations, Environmental Physics, Remote Sensing

Dr. Peter Newton

Postdoctoral Researcher

Biography: Cambridge MA & MSci (2012); Cambridge PhD, with C. H. W. Barnes (2012-2016); PostDoc with C. H. W. Barnes (2016-2022); PostDoc University of Kent (2022-2023); PostDoc with C. H. W. Barnes (2023-)

Research Interests: Spintronics, thin film magnetism, magnetic nanostructures.

Joe Smith

PhD Candidate

Biography:University of Cambridge: Msci & BA (2017-2021), PhD (2021-)

Research Interests: Quantum Information, Quantum Metrology, Quantum Algorithms

Jedrzej (Jed) Burkat

PhD Candidate

Biography: University of Oxford: BA in Physics & Philosophy and MMathPhys in Mathematical & Theoretical Physics (2022), University of Cambridge (2022-).

Research Interests: Verification & Benchmarking of quantum circuits, group-theoretic methods for quantum algorithms.

Chris Long

PhD Candidate

Biography: University of Cambridge: Msci & BA (2018-2022), PhD (2022-)

Research Interests: NISQ algorithms, variational quantum eigensolvers, quantum-enhanced Markov chain Monte Carlo.

Haomu Yuan

PhD Candidate

Biography: Chongqing University: B.Sc.(2018), University of Copenhagen with Prof. Matthias Chrisandl(2020), University of Cambridge: PhD with Prof. Crispin Barnes(2022-).

Research Interests: Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Finance

Group Alumni

Niall Devlin (2023) → Synthesized
Yordan Yordanov
(2021) → Goldman Sachs
Aleksander Lasek 
(2021) → Postdoctoral Researcher (NIST)
Kexin (Echo) Zhang
(2020) → Postdoctoral Researcher 
Mrittunjoy Guha-Majumdar (2018) → Student Leader in India
Aleksandar Nikolic (2017) → Senior Quantitative Analyst at Intercontinental Exchange
Jacek Mosakowski (2016) → Quantitative Analyst and Developer at Superfund Technologies
Edmund Owen (2013) → Senior Physicist at Cambridge Consultants